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Premier League to be Played Overseas – Not Good for the Fans, the Fans Say

It’s not like me to write about sports – football especially – but the recent headlines have caught my eye.

The Premier League here in Britain is considering allowing teams to play one extra game a year overseas, and that the score from that would count into the over all league table, so it’s not a ‘friendly’ game*. This decision has met some fierce controversy as fans of these teams are complaining that it’ll then cost them thousands of pounds to fly to China or Australia or India or wherever to watch their team. Now, I can say I’m not a really big fan of sports in general so perhaps my comment isn’t valid as the guy next door who this issue might genuinely touch but as this is my blog I’m allowed to write what ever I want. Fantastic!

Here we go:
So fucking what if it costs you thousands to go and see the team? Don’t go! Those matches are not for you! They’re for people living in those parts of the world. Not for you. Save your money and go see the rest 38 odd games that are played in the U.K. You’re not forced to go. The game is played for money and they’ll make tons of it from the Liverpool/Chelsea/ManU/Arsenal etc. fans who want to see them play but can’t afford ‘thousands of pounds’ to fly to the U.K.

Look, this is exactly why Tom Waits plays in Europe every 10-12 years. So the fans, like myself, don’t have to fly to the States. Same thing.

It’s not taking anything away from you. In fact, it probably benefits you as the team will get more per game revenue from playing abroad and therefor you can hope your team will compensate it in the domestic ticket price. Or, if it all goes really well, your team will be able to build an even bigger stadium so more of your friends can watch the game. With you. Share and you shall receive.


*Are there ‘friendly’ games, anyhow?

Traffic Shaping

I’m just downloading Ubuntu, don’t ask me why, maybe I just want to have a game of minesweeper. Preferred method for obtaining it is obviously downloading using BitTorrent. I’m actually a bit surprised that they don’t make a bigger deal of using .torrents. Then again, they must have a few universities up their sleeve where they can get free bandwidth.

– Anyhow –

What’s really annoying is that it’s only downloading at under 5Kb per second. Strange, isn’t it? I’m downloading something that is being uploaded by hundreds of people around the world, including some servers with very high upload speed. Smells fishy. Almost as if someone in between has made the decision for me that I’m not to play minesweeper tonight. Of course, as an avid reader of this blog you’ll know that the broadband service at the Suklaa HQ is provided BT. (We’ve had the service for a good four months now, not that it’s been good four months. Can’t wait until it’s over, eight months left.) What BT is obviously doing is traffic shaping. I guess easiest way I could explain traffic shaping is that imagine your stuck in traffic on A13 (or any other busy road). There’s bottle neck on that road; for me on A13 (towards London) it’s where main road continues as A1261 to Canary Wharf and A13 tears off. For Internet traffic this could be at your local exchange. To continue on A13 you have to queue for a while. The main reason why the queuing takes such a long time for 95% of the roads users is that the last 5% is skipping the queue*. Somehow magically those 5% of commuters feel that they are so far above other commuters that they have the right to skip.

How does this relate to BT? Pretty obvious. Like many Internet service providers, BT is slowing down parts of the traffic on the web so that other stuff can move faster. It might make sense if you had tunnel vision (hey, I don’t want MY Internet to be slow because my neighbor is downloading last 5 years worth of Hollyoaks) but looking at the bigger picture, I also don’t want my Skype calls to crumble – which they often do – because BT thinks it’s taking up too much space on their network. It’s much easier to widen the bandwidth of the Internet than it is to widen a road in an urban area. Also, it’s easier to make everyone equal on the Web.

Has any of you noticed anything like this with your ISP?


*There’s a maximum limit to what a road can take over a period of time. This maximum is not exceeded by some cutting in. Sure, their time spent on that road is decreased but at the same time it takes longer for the others. You could argue that cutting in actually increases the average time spent on that road due to increased risk of accidents.

ps. I’ll post some links to proofs about BT’s traffic shaping practices when I get a chance. It’s 23:40 and I’ve got an early morning again.

[update] The download was in fact finished by the next morning which further implies that traffic shaping is taking place.

Spot the OS

Enough talk about Leopard. Have you ever wondered what OS those advertisement displays on London tube run on? (You haven’t? Are you OK?) Well, this video reveals the hidden secret:


Three Men Were In a Pub

So these three men were in a pub, having a quiet pint after a hard and stressful week.

Man 1: “I’ve had the worst week ever. My dog died.”

Man 2: “No, mine’s been even worse. My dog, cat and goldfish died. All in one day.”

Man 3: “That’s pretty terrible guys, but mine’s been even worse: I’ve spent six and half hours on hold to BT.”


Buy a New OS

This problem that Microsoft is having at the moment with WGA, I thought that maybe people – who want to upgrade their Win95/98 machines – shouldn’t look as far as getting XP or Vista. They should just stick with Steve Gibsons preferred Windows OS, Windows 2000!

But no, you can’t buy that any more. Or can you? Who would buy an OS that’s 7 year, 6 months and 8 days old? Well, actually and apparently, you can still get it on Amazon! Pure – Dead – Brilliant!

Mean while, copies of Tiger are getting lonelier and lonelier on the shelves..


More On Creative Suite 3 Pricing

So I contacted Adobe about their pricing policy and If I’m allowed under the EULA to buy a copy of Creative Suite 3 from US to save some money. Here’s what I wrote:

As Creative Suite sold in the UK and rest of Europe is so over priced compared to what it is in the US, I’m thinking of traveling to New York to purchase my copy. Am I allowed to do this under the EULA? It is a very tempting option as this way I would save hundreds of pounds even after paying for the flights. I believe I can’t order direct from Adobe Online Store in the US? If you can, could you also explain some of the reasons behind charging customers in the UK almost twice the amount? I understand if you cannot comment.

Yours Sincerely, Kristian Tapaninaho

And Adobe responds (emphasis added):

Dear Ms [sic] Tapaninaho
It is possible for you to go the USA and buy the product.However you will not be able to receive support from european support. I would also have to mention that yyou [sic] can only upgrade to North American versions. The offical [sic] reason for the pricing is as follows. The price of software in EMEA (europe-middle east-africa) reflects both the additional expense to develop and test Adobe’s applications for local markets and operating systems, as well as for the delivery of complimentary Warranty support. Adobe’s complimentary Warranty support covers product installation and defect issues for the life of the current version of Adobe’s desktop applications.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Lennon
Adobe Customer Service

This to me raises at least three questions:

1. Does it really cost that much more to localize it to Arabic, Chinese Simplified (Windows only), Chinese Traditional (Windows only), Czech, Dutch, English, French, French (Canadian), German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean (Windows only), Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Spanish (Latin American), Spanish (North American), Swedish, Turkish and Ukrainian?

2. There is no ‘UK English’ or ‘International English’ version of the apps. So if it costs more to develop it for UK market, is there some extra features we’re paying for? Of course not. Does support cost more for UK customers than US customers? No, the call centers are probably in India in both cases. (I realise that I can’t back this argument, I am merely assuming)

3. If this is the ‘official’ reason, what is the unofficial reason? To loosely quote Chief Executive Bruce Chizen: ‘We can charge as much as we want’.

Anyhow, I’m gonna stop complaining about this and start paying up.