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EU vs Microsoft, Why?

I don’t really understand this case. Opera complains to the European Commission about Microsoft bundling Internet Explorer with the operating system. The Commission takes it on and is now waiting for Microsoft’s response to the accusations.

As much as I hate IE (especially 6 and 7, hating 5.5 would be like hating a dead dictator) I can’t see this making any sense. Microsoft makes the OS and therefor has the freedom to choose the browser they want. Period. The fact that it’s not the best browser you can get and is not in the interest of their customers, doesn’t make it any different. Should they bundle different makes of Solitaire as well? And Mine Sweeper? Paint?

Why isn’t Opera complaining about Apple? If this case goes through, wouldn’t it mean that Mac OS X should be pre-loaded with Firefox, Opera, Camino, Flock, OmniWeb, iCab, Shiira etc. Who draws the line and where do you draw it?

Perhaps there’s more to this. Maybe there’s is something I don’t know about Windows that makes it hard for people to download and use different browsers but right now I feel like this is a case that’s taking advantage of EU’s long term grudge against Microsoft. If EU really wanted to hurt Microsoft, they should just move their systems to run on Linux. Couple of million workstations across Europe running Ubuntu would certainly send the messages to Redmond.

Firefox is a proof that it’s possible to get large amounts of people interested in a browser other than IE. I think Opera should concentrate their efforts on telling people how good their product is rather than on drumming how badly their big cousin behaves.

PS. Let’s all give it a try, especially if you’re running IE, click one of the links below to get another browser for your system:

If Any More Prove Was Needed…

… That Microsoft doesn’t excel at making adverts for their products, watch this ad.

Something to notice is that Songsmith – the product it advertices – doesn’t run on a Mac.

They also haven’t realized that when other companies use real people as actors they’re actually ‘real’ people – actors. Maybe MS should send their engineers and product managers back behind their desk to do their real jobs.


Cheering Up

I just broke the glass jug for my Moccamaster coffee maker. This has made me really depressed. If you don’t know, Moccamasters are the best coffee makers there are. They’re also next impossible to get in the UK (see here). This is what I’m now left with (see below). At least I don’t have to make coffee for anyone else now.


To cheer myself up a bit, I decided to do something I’ve been dreaming of doing for quite a while now. Check it out:

I feel so pure and clean now.


Buy a New OS

This problem that Microsoft is having at the moment with WGA, I thought that maybe people – who want to upgrade their Win95/98 machines – shouldn’t look as far as getting XP or Vista. They should just stick with Steve Gibsons preferred Windows OS, Windows 2000!

But no, you can’t buy that any more. Or can you? Who would buy an OS that’s 7 year, 6 months and 8 days old? Well, actually and apparently, you can still get it on Amazon! Pure – Dead – Brilliant!

Mean while, copies of Tiger are getting lonelier and lonelier on the shelves..


Windows Vista

Microsoft has just re-released the feature list for Windows Vista. This is speculated to be because they are scared that yet-to-be-released Mac OS X 10.5 might steal some of it’s press coverage in the following few days. You can find the feature list here.

Finally something I can replace my iPod with

This is what I’ve been waiting, a real competitor to release us from the dictatorship of the iPod.

Microsoft Zune.

Rather than me reviewing it (I’m yet to receive a review sample from Microsoft) I’ll link you to some great reviews already out there:

David Pogue in NY Times

Walt Mossberg in Wall Street Journal


Luckily everyone outside the US is saved by the fact that Microsoft has ‘no plans for Zune in UK‘ (EDIT: at least immediate future) . If you still want one and are not able to get it, you can sort of pretend you have it by using these screenshots as your desktop background. I find them as functional as the software itself!