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How piracy destroyed Battle Dungeon

While the internet tubes get lubed and ready for what will probably be the biggest piracy event to date, here’s the story on how piracy made one game shut its servers.

However, when you release a multiplayer game that requires account creation to play you suddenly get a much clearer picture. The answer? Around 90% of our signups were coming from pirated copies of our game.

Battle Dungeon: Risen is the reworking of the original title as a single player game and it’s available in the App Store.


geoDefense Swarm Medium Level 7 Solution

As I’ve been writing my next yet-to-be-published blog post, ‘8 iPhone Games You Must Have’, I’ve been getting deeper and deeper into geoDefense Swarm. It’s really difficult as the dynamics of the game keep changing from level to level and each level often has a unique solution. I’ve been struggling with medium level 7 ‘Nucleotide’, it’s really hard. So hard in fact, that I haven’t been able to find a sure-fire solution for it online.

Well, I’ve just spent a part of my train journey back from Scotland trying to crack this nut. And you know what? I have prevailed. In the end, it was pretty easy; all I needed as to think of what does ‘Deoxyribonucleic acid‘ mean. (This is written on the starting screen of the level.) From that I started thinking that perhaps it’s a hint on the form of defences you have to build.

I first tried with missile towers but the rockets are too slow so ended up using thumps. Upgrade those to level 7 as soon as. I usually do them in pairs so that two will be maxed out before any of the others are upgraded at all.

First time I managed this level, I only let one creep go through. Not bad.

Update: To clarify a little, Deoxyribonucleic acid is, of course, DNA in everyday language. The form that your defences are to take, resembles its form.

Diablo III

There are three games that are the corner stones of my gaming history: Total Annihilation, Civilization series and Diablo II. These are games that I seem to return to from time to time. In fact, I’ve just bought a new copy of Diablo II to play it with my 11-year-old brother, fantastic way for us to spend time together, which – living 2037 km apart – isn’t something we get to do in person as often as I’d like to. With Skype delivering audio between us, it’s as if we were in the same room.

Diablo III

Diablo II is now eight years old, and for a game to remain fresh all this time is somewhat of an achievement (installing it on Leopard was a struggle but doable in the end). For years there’s been rumors of Diablo III and those rumors are finally answered: Blizzard announced this weekend that it is in the making and will be released when it’s ready! I’m very excited, especially after watching the gameplay demo on their website. Well worth watching, it shows how they’ve remained loyal to the feel of Diablo yet made they gameplay feel more natural and faster. Destroyable environments, anyone?

Christmas 2008? Probably not, but at least, like always with Blizzard, it’ll be PC and Mac from day one.


Wii 3D

Check this out:

Fantastic. The 3-D effect looks so real with just a little head tracking. You should check out Johnny Lee’s website, too. You can download the software used in the above video and he has instructions for making a $15 steadycam. Check it out.