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Optimized, Eh?

As a frequent visitor to this site you must notice that it’s gone through yet another re-modelling. Second this year. There’s few reasons for this; one was that I wanted to finally upgrade from 2.2 to 2.3.1 and along the way bring the theme files up to date so they’ll support the new features. For example, I wasn’t able to use widgets as the old theme, if I remember right, came with 2.0, my original installation of WordPress. I guess part of it was laziness, too. I had the old theme running pretty much as I wanted it to and couldn’t justify the time and effort it would take to modify the CCS and .php files. This was was before I knew about the fantastic CCS Edit.

There’s one other reason, too. I was looking at the site few nights ago and it felt so heavy. And the heaviness was distracting me from reading it. Has any one else noticed this, or is it just me?

The theme I’m using now is called Blog.txt by Scott Wallick. It’s a fantastic, 2.3 ready, simple theme. I can finally use widgets, which makes managing the sidebar easier. Don’t have to open sidebar.php any more. Just use a text widget and copy the code in there. I’m a big fan of and plain text on the Mac so I wanted something that embraces that. I might go even simpler at some point. I use 10pt Monaco as my type face with TextEdit, so it would be cool to be able to use that on this site but unfortunately it wouldn’t render nicely on Windows PC’s out there. Probably as Courier New, I ‘d imagine. Nothing wrong with that but less variables the better.

One thing you might also notice, especially as you’ve read this post all the way down here thus been forced to scroll the page down, is that there’s a little ad right there in the sidebar. It’s a standard Amazon ‘self-optimizing’ ad. Reason why self-optimizing is in apostrophes, is that I’m not sure how much I trust them. My thinking of them previously was that they optimize according to the content of the website AND to what the visitor has previously viewed on Amazon. This might have changed by the time you read this but for the last few days, it’s only been showing an ad for a Kristian Leontiou’s album on Amazon. Reason for this is obvious, Mr Leontiou and myself, share the same first name. Obvious but totally irrelevant. So the self-optimization fail on both accounts, it finds that my first name is mentioned twice on the front page of this blog thus thinking it must be main point of this blog*. Also, it fails to override that bad judgment of the content by the products I’ve previously viewed on Amazon. Bugger. We’ll see how this experiment continues. I might have to change it to a static link of something I’ve chosen. I’m sure people will find that more interesting than Kristian Leontiou’s debut album.**


* Reason why my first name is on the front page of this blog isn’t the main point at all but also isn’t irrelevant either. I’m on an egoistic mission to bring this blog to be among first 10 hits when searching ‘kristian’ on Google. At the time of writing, I’m somewhere between 231-240. Long way to go.

** Personally, I have nothing against Mr Leontiou and I can’t say anything about his music as I haven’t heard any of it. Reviews on Amazon promise quite a lot, people seem to like him. But on the other hand, as * explains, I’m on a mission and he’s above me in the results, thus making him my enemy. Not an Arch Enemy in a comic book sense, maybe more of a rival.

[update] Just watched his video on Youtube. Music probably wasn’t that bad but couldn’t really hear it having been really annoyed by video. redesigned

“Again!”, you might shout, but I think you’ll find that last time I tampered with the design was last February. Years ago in Web terms.

It’s a cleaner, simpler design. One more step further away from the WordPress Default 1.5. You’ll like. I hope you will.

I’ve also added a subscribe button in the sidebar. Try clicking it. Good things will happen.