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Premier League to be Played Overseas – Not Good for the Fans, the Fans Say

It’s not like me to write about sports – football especially – but the recent headlines have caught my eye.

The Premier League here in Britain is considering allowing teams to play one extra game a year overseas, and that the score from that would count into the over all league table, so it’s not a ‘friendly’ game*. This decision has met some fierce controversy as fans of these teams are complaining that it’ll then cost them thousands of pounds to fly to China or Australia or India or wherever to watch their team. Now, I can say I’m not a really big fan of sports in general so perhaps my comment isn’t valid as the guy next door who this issue might genuinely touch but as this is my blog I’m allowed to write what ever I want. Fantastic!

Here we go:
So fucking what if it costs you thousands to go and see the team? Don’t go! Those matches are not for you! They’re for people living in those parts of the world. Not for you. Save your money and go see the rest 38 odd games that are played in the U.K. You’re not forced to go. The game is played for money and they’ll make tons of it from the Liverpool/Chelsea/ManU/Arsenal etc. fans who want to see them play but can’t afford ‘thousands of pounds’ to fly to the U.K.

Look, this is exactly why Tom Waits plays in Europe every 10-12 years. So the fans, like myself, don’t have to fly to the States. Same thing.

It’s not taking anything away from you. In fact, it probably benefits you as the team will get more per game revenue from playing abroad and therefor you can hope your team will compensate it in the domestic ticket price. Or, if it all goes really well, your team will be able to build an even bigger stadium so more of your friends can watch the game. With you. Share and you shall receive.


*Are there ‘friendly’ games, anyhow?

Sails Comeback

BBC web video* about the first merchant ship to use a sail – or a kite – in over hundreds year. Use of a kite can save this ship over 20% fuel costs which is about $1600 a day. Rather cool design.


*Quicktime – no, Flash – no, WMV and RealPlayer – yes. It was surprisingly hard to get the link for, couldn’t just right click on the videos own link and then ‘Copy Link’, no. Had to select the ‘Email to a Friend’ -option below the video and get the url from that video. I think BBC really needs to invest some serious time and money on their service-oriented architecture implementation framework.

Al Gets Love From The Vikings

Congratulations to Al Gore for winning the Nobel Peace Prize. I fully enjoyed your film and seeing all the effort you’ve put into your chosen area of expertise. Good stuff.

Now, next year, could we finally see someone who’s actually created peace and harmony, get the friggin prize? ‘Who?’, you might ask. How about our fine ex-president Martti Ahtisaari?

I remember, back in my student days, meeting a guy at a party. As we were talking, I told him I was from Finland . He said: “Thank you, your President brought peace to my country”. I’ve never felt as good for being Finnish. I believe he was from Namibia.

I rest my case knowing I could continue.