geoDefense Swarm Medium Level 7 Solution

As I’ve been writing my next yet-to-be-published blog post, ‘8 iPhone Games You Must Have’, I’ve been getting deeper and deeper into geoDefense Swarm. It’s really difficult as the dynamics of the game keep changing from level to level and each level often has a unique solution. I’ve been struggling with medium level 7 ‘Nucleotide’, it’s really hard. So hard in fact, that I haven’t been able to find a sure-fire solution for it online.

Well, I’ve just spent a part of my train journey back from Scotland trying to crack this nut. And you know what? I have prevailed. In the end, it was pretty easy; all I needed as to think of what does ‘Deoxyribonucleic acid‘ mean. (This is written on the starting screen of the level.) From that I started thinking that perhaps it’s a hint on the form of defences you have to build.

I first tried with missile towers but the rockets are too slow so ended up using thumps. Upgrade those to level 7 as soon as. I usually do them in pairs so that two will be maxed out before any of the others are upgraded at all.

First time I managed this level, I only let one creep go through. Not bad.

Update: To clarify a little, Deoxyribonucleic acid is, of course, DNA in everyday language. The form that your defences are to take, resembles its form.

12 thoughts on “geoDefense Swarm Medium Level 7 Solution

  1. kristian

    No probs, it was probably one of the harder levels. I’ve since looked up some other solutions online but don’t think any of them are as ‘eloquent’ as this one.

    Can’t for a sequel to geoDefence Swarm..

  2. Paul

    I have probably tried this level 100 times. I did not realise how powerful upgraded thumpers are. They could be my second favourite tower after laser tower now.

    By the way after looking at a few solutions your one looks like it was the one that the makers may have intended it to be.

  3. jake

    i have tried this way like 10 times and i can’t beat it.. can you tell me what order to build things in because i build the green towers around first entrance and the 2 thumpers, i upgrade the thumpers and everything still gets in and the greens dont help in later waves

    1. kristian

      Hey Jake,
      As far as I remember, everything was built in order from where the creeps come from. Of course the bottom left hole has to be blocked as soon as.

      Greens in general don’t do much, it’s the Thumbers that kill the enemy.

      Upgrade your first two thumbers all the way in parallel and then continue with the rest of the maze.

    2. Travis

      The way I did it was to build out all the units first and
      then upgraded the first and third bumper, and then 2nd and 4th and
      so on. Don’t upgrade the greens.

  4. Travis

    Wow. I’ve been struggling with that level for about 8
    months. I even tried the whole DNA structure approach once but
    didn’t focus all my upgrades on the bumpers. Man…. thank you

  5. DJVege

    I had no issues beating this level, but couldn’t beat it without losing at least one life. Using your strategy as the base, i finally beat the damn thing without losing a life. 🙂 So thanks for that!

    To win without losing a life:

    * build up thumper 2 first to level 5/6. Then put 2 lasers down. 1: one slot up and right from thumper three. 2: one slot down and left from thumper 4.
    * Take lasers to level 1, thumper 2 to level 7.
    * Then thumper 3 to level 7.
    * Then thumper 4 to level 7.
    * then upgrade any thumper you want. It will be over before you get it to level 7.

  6. Patrick Boucher

    I have tried everything ( or so I thought) as well as various ‘net solutions for 2 or three months. Could never get past level 12. Then I found yours and FINALLY it worked. Thankzou very much! How did the DNA thought process lead you to this solution? Im a cognitive therapist by training and am very curious as to how DNA ties in to your solution. Thanks again!

  7. Patrick Boucher

    Now I see, having reread your post in its’ entirety, the relationship.


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