63 Days to Athens

This week marked the first solid week of training, uninterrupted by holidaying and was greatly helped by the fact I’ve been working from home.

What a week. I created my casual training programme in the end of last month and this was the first week I could follow it to the letter.

The week started with a long run – 22km @ 2:06:46 – on Tuesday. (Normally I do long runs on the weekends to minimise its impact on regular life.) It went really well, as the time shows, it was a marathon speed exercise. Taking in count that I stopped at a Weatherspoons to go to a toilet and twice to buy water and a banana, it was very close to the 2 hour mark for a half marathon.

Next up after a day of rest was the intervals. 3 times 1000 meters with the fastest burst at 4:08(!) and slowest just under 4:30. I tried to kick it for a fourth one but my legs just wouldn’t carry. Whole run with warmup, in betweens and cool-down came to just over 10km.

Another rest day in between although I really should have done this recovery run right after the intervals. This was a very slow 10km (@ 1:11:34), with a bit of walking here and there. Nice, hardly broke sweat.

To finish the week off, I did a fast 10km with a warmup and a cool-down. First time this week when running I had some pain on the fronts of both shins. This did go away by the time it was time to run faster but I’m a little worried it’ll get worse. I haven’t suffered from really any long term injuries since I started running. Fingers crossed. The fast 10km came to 48:56 and total distance was 13.41km in 1 hour 15 minutes.

Total for the week is 55.56km, longest I’ve ever ran in a single week. Feeling pretty good!

2 thoughts on “63 Days to Athens

  1. ville

    no niin. pääsit kuittaamaan. hienoa! lähden kohta itsekin pitkälle. tsemppiä treeniin!


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