The Big Lunch Manwood/Salehurst Road

What a fantastic Sunday this was. Our streets took part in the national Big Lunch event where – to put it simply – you talk to your neighbours and have lunch with them. I haven’t got the precise numbers but there must have been at least 100 to 120 people taking part on our street. Everybody brought something to the party, whether it was pasta salad, sausages, a band or a cake to the cake competition, it was all great. We had neightbours like ourselves who’d just moved here and people like Joyce who moved here in 1929. It’s pretty humbling, really.

Darina and I took a few photos during the afternoon and here’s a small selection of them. Click to see them bigger and then use your left/right arrow to move to the next one.

For more info on The Big Lunch check out their website at

5 thoughts on “The Big Lunch Manwood/Salehurst Road

  1. Jori Owens

    Hi Kristian! It is so nice you lunched with your neighbors. I enjoyed the photos further down in your blog.
    I have a desperate question: Can you tell me how to get to the admin area of wordpress after applying Basic Maths to a new blog? If s many thanks from San Diego California. I love Basic Maths. Jori

  2. Kristian

    Hey Jori and thanks for stopping by!

    Yeah, it was a really nice event. Nationwide here in Britain with ‘Big Lunches’ all around. Can’t wait till next year.

    I really love Basic Maths, too. It’s a beautiful design. I’m not sure what your problem with it is though. It doesn’t change anything in the backend structure. The default for WordPress is of course:

    Theme options are can be found from:

    Only problem, with Basic Maths, that I haven’t been able to solve is WordPress galleries. As you can see in this post, I’m using the built in gallery tag and it’s meant to be in two columns. I’m not sure if the author(s) are going to support it.


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