While It's Been Quiet

Yes, as we’re all accustomed to, this blog goes quiet from time to time. It’s never intentional, sometimes life is just too busy to sit down and write interesting things down to be shared. To correct the fact that it’s been so quiet, here’s a quick update.

1. Travelled to Finland, twice. First for easter holidays and the second time to celebrate my mothers fiftieth birthday. I know it’s my mom and all but I really can’t image she’s only fifty, I can still remember her being 29 like it was yesterday. She’s still as beautiful as she was back then.

2. We’ve moved! Behind is the lovely East London with it’s parks, Broadway Market and flat running grounds. With us now, South East London’s spacious house, Borough Market and hilly running tracks.

Here’s two photographs I took in Finland over the easter. First is of my grand-parents from my dad’s side. Part of a series that’ll have all of my family one day. Yes, one day. The second is of two swans flying in heavy snowfall.

Elsa and Tuomas Tapaninaho

Elsa and Tuomas Tapaninaho (click to enlarge)

Two Swans in Heavy Snowfall (click to enlarge)

Two Swans in Heavy Snowfall (click to enlarge)

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