There’s couple of really good things or changes I want to carry to the new year.


It’s too easy to ignore things when you’re seemingly busy. It’s too easy to put things off just because you think there’s more important things to do. It is today that I have to lay the ground work for tomorrow.

I know it sounds fucking philosophical but if this was the only lesson I learned from last year, I’d be happy. Stay on top of things, do my best now and be ready to do that tomorrow as well.

One of those groundworks I did last year – and I’ve written about this before – was to take better care of myself. There’s few things worse than being 27 and in the worst shape you’ve ever been. It’s easy to wait until tomorrow to get started. it’s too easy to put things off. Luckily I stopped doing that last August, dusted the good old Asics and started counting the kilometers. Now – 591 km later – I’m looking forward on doing my first half marathon in two weeks and full 42195 meters in the end of May. I’m 28 and in the best shape I’ve ever been. Ever.

Work-wise, I think I’ve learned to be a bit more proactive. Autumn was a bit too quiet for my liking and that was pretty difficult. As a result I started looking for more jobs and not relying on things that were supposed to be happening. It’s good to be busy now but I know it’s not going to last forever – try this May – so I must keep that in mind. Be proactive.

Five Goals for the 29th Year.

  • Do three things I can be proud of in the end of the year. Maybe an exhibition. I’ve wanted to do one for a while.
  • Stay on top of things. Leapfrog with work. While doing a job today be ready to start a new one tomorrow. Take better care of my paper work.
  • Concentrate. Maybe an AppleScript that’ll stop me from launching NetNewsWire between 0800-1700. Stop trying to multitask as much.
  • Diversify. Learn a new skill. Don’t know what yet. Any suggestions? I’ve got a PHP book on loan from Alex, maybe that. Maybe not.
  • Make five people happy for a day. Nice experience or something that’ll help them in life.

It’s been a really good year over all. I’m happy in life and every year seems to be getting better. Let’s make this an ever better one. Over and out.

2 thoughts on “28

  1. Darina

    Well, this is indeed music to my ears Kristian. Or should I say eyes?!
    I think you’re pretty fantastic to be honest. Staying on top of your paperwork- does that include our post? I think it’s great how clean your desk is at the moment! Who are you?! I’m slightly worried that something significant has happened to you since you’ve turned 28- luckily I’ve got months to wait!

    The only thing you should add to your list is.. fully accept taking the bins out is the man’s role.


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