Brighton Half Marathon – Live Tweeting

I started exactly half a year ago to train for running the Brighton Half Marathon*(**). 185 days of sore legs, buckets of sweat and a bit of blood is culminating this Sunday the 22nd of February as the race begins. Few of you will be there in Brighton watching me – as well as Mike and Colin and 6000 others – grow weary as the kilometers pass. Running is a solitary sport so it’ll be fantastic to see familiar faces along the streets cheering us on.

Another way to make it a little less solitary, to share my experience of the run as it happens, I’ve decided to live tweet along the way. Don’t ask me how it’s going to happen in practice but it will involve an iPhone and a Tweet Relay HQ at the University of Oulu. More details of this closer to or after the race day. Is this a stupid idea and is it going to enhance my performance? I don’t think it’s _that_ stupid but it’s also most likely it’s not going to make me run faster (you know, just talking while running is pretty hard, let alone tweeting). It’ll just be nice for my friends and family to be able to follow the race from further away.

So how to join the fun?

Easy, just go to and click follow, if you’re on Twitter or just keep refreshing the page if you’re not. All my tweets will be tagged with #BrightonRun so they’ll also appear when searched for that tag. Depending on the level of my exhaustion, I’ll keep an eye on @kristian ‘s in case you want to cyber-cheer me to keep going.

The race starts at 09:45 GMT on 22nd February. That’s 11:45 (EET) in Helsinki and 22:45 (NZDT) in Wellington. I’m hoping to finish the race in under 2 hours which should be well doable.



* Technically speaking I had another goal at the time but this is a good mid point before Edinburgh Marathon in May.

** The official name is The Sussex Beacon Half Marathon 2009 Brighton but as it sucks we’ll just keep calling it the Brighton Half, OK?

[Update I: fixed grammar]

[Update II: hashtag is now #BrightonRun]

3 thoughts on “Brighton Half Marathon – Live Tweeting

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  2. ville

    tsemppiä juoksuun! olen itse lapissa enkä pääse livenä seuraamaan, mutta hengessä mukana. toivottavasti ei ole kovin kylmä.


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