Running on the Streets of London

What a lovely piece of film making. It gives an image of London that seems so distant as soon as I step out and take the 55, 48 or 26 outside my flat. It’s been years since I travelled on a Routemaster* and I really understand why it’s missed by so many people. I think it’s the feeling of community. Not just because they were smaller but an actual person checking you ticket and welcoming you on board.

I happened to find this video when doing a bit of research on a running competition idea I had few weeks ago. We’ve all heard of Man Versus Horse Marathon (haven’t we?) that takes place in Wales every year. It’d be called ‘Man versus the London Machine’. Or something like that. Perhaps taking on a bus on route 1 – for the simple reason that it’s THE number one route – which leaves from Canada Water and goes to Tottenham Court Road. I think it would have to be quite early in the morning as during rush hour the bus journey takes about two days. I’ll have to go and measure the distance and figure out if it’s doable. Will keep you posted.


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