Running Update – Day 35

First month or so has gone really quickly and surprisingly painlessly. Only after about a week of running it started to feel easy and I found myself waiting for – rather that fretting – the next run. I started of with really shorts runs, only about 3 kilometers, and have steadily increased them so that today I ran 13.8 kilometers – longest distance so far. That’s more than I did during the whole of first week of running. It felt really good. Total distance: 112 km.

On top of the goal of reaching 300 km total by 15th Dec, I’ve decided to signup for the Brighton half marathon which is in the end of February. Thanks to Mike and Colin for persuading me to join them. Both goals are well doable, what makes the difference is the time I want to do them in. I’ll set the goal for Brighton closer to it so I wont set it too low as I did with the 300 km run. Then again, it doesn’t really matter, main thing is to have fun and feel fitter and healthier.

Ok, that’s it for the first update (I know, it was a bit more than 10 days…), next one coming at 200 km mark.


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