300 km Challenge

So we’re going on a big trip to New Zealand around christmas this winter. We’ll be there for about 4 weeks; camping, hanging around on long sandy beaches, drinking wine and eating. I need to get into shape to survive all that. That’s why I’m starting the ‘300 km challenge’. Aim is to run a total of 300 km before 15th December. That’s not that much, only an average of about 2.6 km a day. But if I miss a day, the next day I’ll have to run 5.2 km to keep up. Simple.

Two incentives for me to complete this challenge:

  • 1. For every kilometer that I’m short of 300 km, I’ll donate £1 to a charity chosen by readers. Vote below in the comments.
  • 2. I’d like to invite you to run with me. It’s easier to commit to things when you have someone to do it with. No pressure, thought, it’s not a competition. We’ll just try and reach 300 km

I’ll be posting here every ten days on my progress, so stay tuned!



[Update] I’ve started yesterday by running 3.1 km. Days to go: 115.

7 thoughts on “300 km Challenge

  1. ville

    count me in.

    jos sä varastit, niin sitten minäkin. juoksin rukalla yhteensä noin 10 km. kelpaako?

  2. kristian

    Tervetuloa mukaan!

    So Ville is in! Fantastic.

    Anyone else? It’s still an open call. Only it gets harder as time goes on. Oh, well, first results coming in on 1st Sept!

  3. Claud

    Not worth us hooking up for a 2k run, as i live too far away – but would be really happy to commit to a big run once a week with you… say an 8k run once a week – which would mean you’d get a couple of days off.

    Are you fit enough now to be doing 8ks – or will you need to build up to that?

    Let me know and I’ll go and buy a new sports bra! I’m still running in bras I ran the marathon in 8 years ago!!!

  4. admin

    hey Clauds,

    Yeah totally no point in that, just keep running to a joint goal to encourage each other. But might be nice to hook up for a run sometime. I do need to do few shorter ones before going distance.. 4k this morning felt easy thou, it’s getting there.

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