iPhone UK – Liveish Coverage

Launch on 9th Nov

Price: £269 (seems like I was a bit off last week..)

Carrier: O₂

Deal with 7500 wi-fi spots

No 3G because it’s power hungry, plaa plaa plaa.

wi-fi spots provided by Cloud

Unlimited price plan is almost unlimited: 1400 webpages brakes the fair use contract. (that’s about a page per minute a day)

18 month contract.. at least it’s better than 24 months in the US…

O₂ is having to invest in EDGE?!? That sounds as backwards as investing in PowerBooks, or steam train engines… wtf.

As to the carriers, we took the approach to see who would be the best fit — it’s like going out on a few dates before getting married. So yeah, we have a few upset girlfriends out there.

-Steve Jobs
(This is of course a reference to Steve Jobs having a kid before getting married to someone else. Nothing wrong with that, just thought it was a funny detail…)

Event pretty much over. Thanks to Engadget, where this was extracted from.


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