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&So next tuesday (18th Sept 07) seems to be the day when Apple announces the arrival of iPhone to the UK and presumably to the rest of Europe, too. Can’t wait. I wonder thou, why they’re sending the invites only now, four days before the event. It’s not like you don’t usually have your week ahead booked with more predictable things like waking up in the morning and eating. I had to move several appointments to next month to be able to stay at home and watch the text stream of the event.

Then again, they couldn’t have sent the invites earlier as that would have taken away from the other little event they had last week. Some people, other than only yours truly, might have also then figured out the real reason behind Apple’s decision on dropping the iPhone price in the U.S. Do you want to know what the reason was? If they hadn’t dropped the price last week, U.S. customers would have gotten pissed off for the fact that you’ll be able to get it for less than £150 (300 buckaroos) in the U.K in two months time. I’m definite that this will be the case. Don’t try to argue. This, of course, totally reverse of the trend they have with other pricing points they use (as you can see here).

Another prediction: It’ll be on O₂. I really hope so. I’m fucking sick and tired of using Vodafone.


ps. This news was via, who also speculated that Apple might use this event to release something iTMS related. I don’t think so.

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  1. alex

    why do you want o2 ? i’m perfectly happy with orange! it works really well everywhere i go and i don’t want to switch. but obviously i will, the moment the iphone is available over here. mm better check when my orange contract runs out..


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