Reverse Googling Alarna Finucan

So I’ve been trying to look up a friend from 10 years back. She was an exchange student at the time and she lived with us for a while. Last time I met her was about 5 years ago but haven’t since been in touch at all. Neither has anyone else who I know, as far as I’m aware. I must say I haven’t looked hard enough, otherwise I probably would have found her by now. No, I have just relied on Google to find her for me.

The problem is that even though her name comes up on Google, none of the links take to anything useful. None of the email address seem to be working anymore. This is true at least at the time of writing this. It’s strange because it feels that even if you use the internet sort of moderately, one in a while, you would leave enough of a mark for some one to look you up. Or I’m just generalizing because I am quite easy to find, or get in touch with, just by typing two words in the Google search; my name. Then again, unlike all the ‘Johnny Boys’ of the world, my name is quite rare.

Today, I came up with a plan. I’ll reverse google her. By getting her name up in the Google search, she or some one she knows might find this page and then get in touch with me. Absolutely brilliant.

So the person I’m looking for is Alarna Finucan. She lives, or lived, in Brisbane, Australia. If you see this, do get in touch. It would be very nice to hear from you.


2 thoughts on “Reverse Googling Alarna Finucan

  1. alex

    googling for people is a bit limited in the web 2.0 world.
    why is this i hear you ask? surely google knows Everything!
    well, the nice people at facebook, myspace, and all those ‘social’ sites specifically block google (and other search engines) from indexing their sites.
    so goog’ won’t return results for peoples’ pages on those social networking sites. you know, it helps facebook marketing if you can’t know who is in there unless you join.
    annoying huh?


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