Type 25 Returned

So the bag is safely at home now. Had to get it back ‘manually’ -as my brother would say- they wouldn’t bring it back apparently I hadn’t complained early enough. The idiots, who surely are nice people but are suppressed by an evil corporation they work for, hadn’t been capable of neither reading my contact details from my business card or look me up with the details on the tag. No can do, sir.

The bag is also badly damaged. I will need to seek for refund. And damn sure I’ll have them pay postage for the letter to Ireland.

I guess I wouldn’t be this pissed of with them if they truly were a cheap airliner. After paying €180 for return to Finland, you can expect some level of service and respect.

BTW, if you google ‘smelly ryanair’, my previous blog post comes on the top. Cool.

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