Well done Apple, inc.!

Yes, well done. And also:


This must have been one of the most suprising keynotes ever! For two reasons.

iPhone must have been the most expected product to be announced that no-one expected to be announced. I mean, everyone wants one, everyone thought they’re making one, but was it really gonna come now? And actually it’s not, but I’ll come back to that. It is all that you can hope from a mobile (except GPS but I think that’s gonna be added before it’s in stores).

Little background:
I’m with Vodafone at the moment, and my contract has expired again which means I can upgrade to new phone. Problem is that at the moment they don’t really offer anything I’d like to upgrade to. My phone is N70 and it’s a pretty decent phone even though it’s over a year old, it does what I want from a phone. I mostly use it for calls, to receive SMS’s, take some pictures, check email if I’m not by a computer and play Snakes. Things that i’d like my next phone to have are Wi-Fi and a proper web browser (which really needs a bigger screen, too). And to be able to play music as easily as with an iPod (this hasn’t really bothered me ‘cos my nano is really small).

Back to main story:
And yes, iPhone is all that I would expect from a phone. And just two days ago I said N95 is the pinnacle of mobile phones (what it still is). Problem with iPhone is that it doesn’t exist. Not until in June in the US and Q4 in Europe. This is the furthest-away pre-announcement that Apple has ever had and right up there with PS3. Q4. Europe. 2008. Asia. Another Problem with it is that you won’t be able to play Snakes on it. Those who know me also know how big part of my life that game is.

OK, so, iPhone. Great. Really can’t wait for it. And year from now, I’ll have one. Promise.

The official name for iTV was announced. It’s now called Apple TV or TV, as they spell it. Yippee. Nothing really surprising here. You should get one if, 1. You have a HDTV and a Mac in different rooms 2. you want to buy stuff from iTunes Movie/TV show Store (This obviously excludes everybody but Americans) 3. [make up your own reason here].

I think what makes this keynote most surprising is what wasn’t announced, and wan’t in the updated Store after the show.

Here’s what wasn’t there that REALLY should have been there:

– iLife ’07, no one in their right mind can say they were expecting this not to come.
– iWork ’07 with Spread(whatever)sheets.
– Octa Pro’s
– Preview of Leopard. I mean, why not? Vista’s been sealed and boxed for about 2 months now, it’s gonna take Microsoft about 5 year to copy those new features, sorry, new ways to make life better and the world a nicer place to live in
– Screen refresh, this is really long over due as well.

Out of these, lack of new iLife is the most surprising one. iLife ‘0n = Macworld 0n.

All in all, both things announced are gonna be really great. And that’s just the problem, ‘are gonna be’. I’d really like to go to Apple Store UK and fill my shopping cart with an iPhone and a new screen and maybe an TV. I guess we’ll just have to wait. Been there done that, until it ships.


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